Founded in 1996, ORME is a French-based company located in Toulouse, specialized in the acquisition and processing of signals and images. With TrackImage and TrackReport ORME provides a versatile suite of innovative software solutions. ORME also delivers custom-made systems and software applications, as well as test analysis services.

ORME’s technical team, now has a staff of 18 engineers/doctors. We work with major clients in the Aerospace (Airbus, Safran, Thales Alenia Space, CNES, Latécoère...), Automotive (Renault, Nissan, Karma, PSA, Autoliv, Faurecia, Valeo...), Rail (RATP, Faiveley Transport, Tisseo) and Energy (CEA, Schneider Electric...) sectors as well as in Cosmetics (L'Oreal...).

These large companies entrust us with R&D activities, such as development of signal and image processing algorithms, development in scientific computing for test analysis, and use our software solutions TrackImage and TrackReport.

ORME also develops a non-intrusive fall detection sensor for nursing homes. This sensor is autonomous and independent, is highly reliable, works day and night, and respects privacy since it does not make use of images.

To support the development of our R&D activities, we also take part in several research consortia supported by the Occitanie region, the French government and the European Union.

ORME has a range of distributors internationally, in various European countries, in Asia (Japan, India and China), and in North America.

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  • TrackImage

    Motion analysis in videos

    • Optical distortions corrections
    • Camera position corrections
    • 2D Tracking
    • 3D TrackIng
    • Deformation analysis
    • Virtual objects
    • Air-bag deployment analysis
  • TrackReport

    Automatic test data analysis and report generation

    • Easy graphic design of test reports templates
    • Data and video automatic synchronization and animation
    • Standard and specific calculations libraries
    • Exports and animations
  • FallSensor

    Fall detection sensor for the elderly

    • Real-time posture analysis
    • Contactless
    • Non-intrusive and efficient 3D-Scan
    • Detection of any kind of fall
    • Night and Day